11 Year Milestone - MaaS

At the beginning of April (2021), Marketing as a Service (MaaS) celebrates our organizational birthday.   It has been eleven years since we began our journey and I am humbled and honored that MaaS has not only survived, but we have crushed it.  We have brilliant, dedicated team members.  We have amazing, growth-centric clients.  We have trusted, engaged business partnerships.

So, it’s important for me to say thank you to all the individuals that have been a part of the MaaS journey.  Thank you for the trust you have given to me and my team members.  Thank you for the experiences, battle-scars and triumphs.

As I look back over the last 11 years, I am super proud that my original Company Vision and Organizational Imperatives have not only remained intact but continue to provide the bedrock of our Identity.  For those who are interested, I have listed these below.


We have decided to mark the occasion, our 11th anniversary, with a refresh company logo.  The new logo is a bit cleaner, a bit more modern…and support our belief in the power of 3, with the use of 3 circles.

Company Vision

  1. Help clients grow their businesses by designing and executing intentional marketing strategies that align to established business goals.
  2. Develop rich, fully engaged relationships with each client that are based on trust, honesty and respect.
  3. Execute for each client at a level of professionalism, creativity and speed that is unmatched and outstanding.

Organizational Imperatives

  1. To speak honestly with team members, partners and clients and to operate with a high standard of integrity…to do what is right, and not make decisions based around what makes us more money.
  2. To continuously evolve our Services based upon evolving trends, client needs, and our gifts.
  3. To work with quality people, and organizations who deserve our energy and time.

Moving forward, from a business perspective, I am really excited about some of the new, innovative clients we will be onboarding soon.  For our current client-base, it’s both thrilling and rewarding to experience the impact of our intentional strategies and tactics…and the ongoing development of deeper more meaningful relationships.

From a personal perspective, the time has come for me to pull my head out of the sand and to do something to channel the disbelief, frustration and, dare I say, rage that is within my soul in regard to social justice.  I am not sure how this will manifest, but I am working to figure that out.

As always, if there is anything that I can do to be of service, please reach out.

Colin Millstone

Colin Millstone

Founder / President

A seasoned, multi-dimensioned entrepreneur, consultant and business professional who helps organizations get to the next level. With three decades of experience in business, marketing, technology, operations, sales and finance, I bring a results-oriented, collaborative, strategic, passionate, and budget-minded approach to leadership and organizational success.

As a pioneer in Managed Marketing Services and Marketing On-Demand, and the Founder and President of Marketing as a Service (marketingaas.com), I work daily with organizations which are creating, distributing, selling and servicing some of the most impactful products in the world

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