Business Marketing 101: Introduction - MaaS

Welcome to the MaaS Blog.

My name is Colin Millstone, and I am the Founder and President of Marketing as a Service (MaaS).  The most important thing that I can tell you about myself is that I am not a marketing guy.  I am a business guy and entrepreneur who is focused on helping people design, develop and execute marketing activities that deliver on business goals.

This initial series of articles, Business Marketing 101 is intended to help folks better understand Marketing without a barrage of marketing-speak.  Each article will provide business focused direction, tips and insights to help you improve your organization’s identity, messaging and content.

At the moment, I have sketched-out ten (10) articles for this Series.  This may change as things come up or based upon feedback received.

As we set out on this journey, there are 3 tenants that serve as the foundation of my approach:

1. You can always make something better

2. Simplify the message

3. 80% of something is better than 100% of nothing

Given all that, this blog is not intended to be perfect. Rather, it is a resource to help business folks better understand the Marketing function, and thereby:

1. Provide your team with a clear and repeatable Story

2. Create a holistic strategy that connects your UVP, Practices, Marketing and Sales

3. Improve communications to customers, prospects and partners

So, did you see the first tip? Glance at the paragraphs above, what do you see?

Alright, back to the series introduction…If you have questions or ideas, send us a quick message via our Contact Us or by connecting with me through LinkedIn . I will do my best to get back to you, and am open to adjust the plan based upon what you are interest in!

Thanks for reading,


Colin Millstone

Colin Millstone

Founder / President

A seasoned, multi-dimensioned entrepreneur, consultant and business professional who helps organizations get to the next level. With three decades of experience in business, marketing, technology, operations, sales and finance, I bring a results-oriented, collaborative, strategic, passionate, and budget-minded approach to leadership and organizational success.

As a pioneer in Managed Marketing Services and Marketing On-Demand, and the Founder and President of Marketing as a Service (, I work daily with organizations which are creating, distributing, selling and servicing some of the most impactful products in the world

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