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Actually, the “About” statement is really an “About” paragraph…for this article, I am just going to refer to it as ABOUT. Next to your logo and tagline, it is one of your most consumed brand assets, as it appears on your website, printed collateral, social media (LinkedIn, Facebook, etc.), press releases, and is also included in event marketing and co-branding with partners. More important than where ABOUT is used, is the role it plays in your User Experience or, Customer Journey. Basically, ABOUT is door number 2.

What is Behind Door #2?

Door #2 is the second step of the Customer Journey.

Door #1 is the front door, or entry point to your organization. A user makes the decision to open Door #1 because they are intrigued, prompted, or motivated to do so by an advertisement, article, promotion, announcement, or the like. In the digital realm, the term for this is “Lead Magnet”.

Anyway, once through Door #1, if they are still curious, they will progress to Door #2. Behind Door #2 is the definition of the organization in its simplest format…we call it, ABOUT. In your minds-eye, think about the last time you were intrigued by a company that you were not familiar with, and wanted to learn a bit more.

  • What did you do?
  • How did you satisfy your curiosity?
  • How much time did you give yourself to figure it out?
There are three dominant paths most business folks take in this part of the Discovery Journey:

1. Google

2. LinkedIn

3. Facebook

These paths are traditionally dictated by when we have this desire to learn more about an organization and what prompted it. For example, if you were in the midst of browsing your LinkedIn feed and saw that one of your connections joined a new company, you would naturally navigate to that company’s LinkedIn page. Again, this is just basic human behavior, and this insight is important to understanding and constructing the Customer Journey.

Creating Your ABOUT

As stated above, ABOUT is a definition of your company. However, this definition must be more than facts. This definition is one of the most highly consumed assets you have and because of that, it is a critical tool in your sales arsenal.

There is no “right” way to construct your ABOUT. The best ABOUT is interesting to read, authentic and holistic with your Brand Identity and UVP (which is why those topics have been previously covered in this series!). That said here are some elements you should consider for an effective ABOUT:

1. Brand Identity

2. UVP

3. How you benefit your customers

4. Target Market

5. Core Offerings

A Living, Breathing ABOUT

Your ABOUT has a life. It will be birthed, it will grow up, and it will die. And, that’s OK! Like the rest of your Brand, your ABOUT should evolve as your organization changes. When your organization changes a lot, re-do your ABOUT! I can’t tell you how many companies fail to do this, and it is really, really, really noticeable and can stop a user from continuing their Discovery Journey.

I hope this was helpful,

Colin Millstone

Colin Millstone

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