Tips for Email and Social Campaigns - MaaS

Now more than ever it is imperative that outbound campaign efforts and social media initiatives are aligned with business goals, and set up to empower sales teams to engage with their own audiences.

In fact, we have seen first hand how organizations which have intentional sales team members who establish and foster ongoing relationships with their customers and prospects see increased engagement statistics across the board.   More importantly, increased engagement means that we deliver higher value to the customers that need it.

At Marketing as a Service, we design, develop and implement customized marketing campaigns in many flavors, including: Outbound, Inbound, Event Promotion, and more. A Campaign is a fully integrated multi-channel (email, web, social, print, SEO) initiative with a targeted audience and specified business goals and drivers in mind.

Campaigns are a sweetspot for us, as our knowledge of the market, players and personnas empower our content and creative teams. From Demand Generation to Special Promotions to Events, our Campaigns will drive your business.