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We help Distributors improve their value-added services to both Manufacturers and Resellers. Distributors are focused on logistics, fulfillment, technical services and propelling manufacturer-led promotions. MaaS develops custom, unique programs and campaigns for Disti to drive reseller pipeline and support manufacturer business goals.
Marketing for Distributors
top 3 things we help distributors with
Value-Added Services Set You Apart


Reseller Enablement
We provide turn-key, multi-touch campaigns and the training and support to help your Resellers implement, execute and drive business. Our experts deliver engaging customized campaigns for events, promotions, solutions, services and more.

GTM Programs

Reseller Practice Development
The most successful Distributors are focused on helping their Resellers evolve and grow. Go-to-Market Programs provide education, tools and support for your Resellers to improve their business with new solutions, new manufacturers or new practices.

Virtual CMO

Reseller Coaching
Many Resellers have strong engineering and sales teams, yet have limited Marketing capabilities. Our Tech Marketing experts are fluent in the business of Resellers and can counsel, educate, and coach your Resellers on strategies and tactics to drive business.
the maas difference
Because we are tech savvy and understand the manufacturer, distributor, reseller relationships…
We can help you move beyond the technical, engineering-centric messaging that comes natural to most manufacturers. We help you communicate with simplicity and clarity to business executives, distribution partners, reseller partners, analysts and the end user.
Marketing for Distributors

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