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Intentional SEO

Intentional SEO is about aligning your business goals, digital goals and sales goals into a single unified plan, and then employing the strategies and tactics to make it happen. This is not about “Paid” traffic. Intentional SEO is about substantive, business impacting “Organic” clicks and traffic. There is no gimmick or easy button here. Our digital experts are fluent in the technology marketplace. So, we are adept and in tune with the algorithms employed by the world’s largest search engines, and we understand the IT audiences and IT solutions and services driving organizations today. With Intentional SEO, we guide you through the process of discovering your drivers, we formulate a plan and then we do the work to execute all the strategies and tactics.
Intentional SEO
Intentional SEO Drives Substantive Clicks & Traffic

Align Business
& Digital

transform your digital channels
and drive new business

Drive Real
Clicks & Traffic

organic clicks are more open
to authentic messaging & offers

A Comprensive

from discovery through execution,
we do all the work
We Deliver, You Get Success
Our team of experts will guide you through the process. Together, we will discover and document your business, digital and sales goals and drivers. Then, the MaaS Team will formulate a plan with the strategics and tactics to deliver. Once approved, we get busy. We do all the heavy lifting!
Define Business, Digital & Sales Drivers
User Experience Strategy & Tactics
Key Word/Phrase Strategy & Tactics
Website Page Optimization
Content Strategy & Tactics
Channel Interlinking Strategy & Tactics
Research (SEO, Competitors, Content)
Content Optimization
Link Optimization
the process
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How long does it take?
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12 Months

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a proprietary offering
This professional services “product” is a MaaS original, and is purpose-built for success in the tech marketplace.
Intentional SEO
the maas difference
Because we are tech savvy and understand the manufacturer, distributor, reseller relationships…
you just have to give us some basic direction and your business goals, and we do the rest.